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    Abrasive Blades has the ability to analyse entire applications, utilising experience obtained across a wide range of markets. From advising on the correct machine settings and optimising the cutting process, through to selecting the best wheel specification to give maximum wheel life and best quality of cut, Abrasive Blades have an innate understanding of a wide range of markets including Metallurgical, Construction, Foundry, Steel, Aerospace, and Automotive allowing us to deliver the optimum industry and application specific cut-off wheel solutions.

    A thorough understanding of a customer’s application is central to Abrasive Blades bespoke services. Selecting the correct grain size and type, together with the correct bond formulation and, if needed, a reinforced construction where Abrasive Blades choose from a wide range of glass fibre reinforcing cloths in numerous formats to produce wheels that perform to the highest of standards for a customer’s given application. These factors all demand a comprehensive understanding of a customer’s requirements and expectations.